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Agriculturalfarming «Kolomeitsevo»

май 2018

Installation of 12.5 kW on-grid solar station to reduce the expenses for electricity. 


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Why should implement
transition to Vist Energy's
solar plants?

We are responsible for the quality

Saving money

Cost of solar energy is 3 rubles/kW, which allows to recoup expenses for solar plant in a short time.

Long Service Life

Service life of solar plant is more than 25 years. High quality is achieved by strict selection of equipment.

Noiseless generation

Solar plant generation is absolutely noiseless. Solar systems working without any production and mechanical noise.

Care for nature

Solar systems emit 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas, and 96% less CO2 than coal.

Our projects

Implementation of projects

Wide opportunities

Your benefits?

unique solutions
12 years

warranty for equipment and service

3 rub

assured cost for kW of solar energy


saving electricity

25 years

minimal service life of solar plan

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